Let's Go Explore the Northland!

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon do I need to register ahead of time?
The more in advance the better for planning purposes.  Has the 3 week ahead of time period passed? Give me a call or send an email  - there may be space available.  Trips with theater events especially need advanced registrations. 

Can I sign up on my own? 
Certainly!  The trips are to be community events and people will meet other folks.  Sign up solo is just fine.  You may meet a new friend. 

What should I bring?
Bring an attitude to sit back and enjoy the day.  Bring your own food or $ for food, especially on trips that don't have a scheduled meal included.  You might want to bring a coat or even blanket for the outdoor evening events.  Bring water.  Bring a camera/phone if you wish.   
If you do need to bring a walker, let me know. There will likely be space.  Sorry the transporation is not wheel chair accessible. 

What if I have a suggestion for a trip?
Email wendyupnorth@yahoo.com or call me at 218-525-5098.  Perhaps more trips will be added this year or put in mind for a future year.

Is there a discount for youth?
Some trips may have a youth discount. Inquire. 

Are these big bus tours?
No. You won't be herded around with 45 or so people in a 55 passenger bus.  These day trips are smaller group outings.  With a minimum of 18 participants registered by the deadline a 29 or 38 passenger bus will be the vehicle used. Smaller vehicles may be used for smaller groups.

Are there discounts for groups?
 Does a group from a club you're in or a group from a workplace want to attend a day trip, let me know.  Groups of 6 or more may receive a discount.  The group needs to pay all at once - one check (or PayPal).  Some events are excluded from this special.  Rittenhouse is not part of this special.

Where do we meet for a pickup?
The departure location often is Perkins West, 4005 Michigan St.  We have also left from M&H Gas Station, 1230 W. Michigan St.  We have also done a pickup in Scanlon when the trip is heading south and there are at least 2 people on that pickup.

Who should go on a trip? 
Sign up on your own.  These day trips are opportunities for a spring or fall break.  Sign up with a sibling or child/grandchild. The trips will be fun adventures for all.   Sit back - you won't need to drive or park.  
You might meet a new travel buddy, too and have some laughs.  

What is the cancellation policy?
There is a refund less $20 for any trip with at least three weeks notice.  You may find your own replacement for the seat.  Please call 218-525-5098 if you need to cancel your trip seat.

Should I bring money for tips?
The driver and tour host welcome tips.  A bag will passed for tips at the end of trips.  Thank you! 

FREQUENT Up North Participant   "FUNPs" will receive an extra gift on the trips.  If you participate in at least 3 trips in a year you are a FUNP.  Several people earned their $10 discount this year already! 

Your Input is Welcome - where else should I promote the trips?  
Thank you for sharing the day trip announcements with others! 

On the email list and facebook I will periodically announce "FLASH" specials.