Let's Go Explore the Northland!

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon do I need to register ahead of time?
The more in advance the better for planning purposes.  Has the 3 week ahead of time period passed? Give me a call or send an email  - there may be space available.  Trips with theater events especially need advanced registrations. 

Can I sign up on my own? 
Certainly!  The trips are to be community events and people will meet other folks.  Sign up as an indiviual, with a friend or family member, or perhaps a group from a club you are in.  

What should I bring?
Bring your own food or $ for food.  You might want to bring a coat or even blanket for the outdoor evening events.  Bring water.  Bring a camera/phone if you wish.  
Bring an attitude to sit back and enjoy the day. 
If you do need to bring a walker, let me know. There will likely be space.  Sorry the transporation is not wheel chair accessible. 

What if I have a suggestion for a trip?
Email wendyupnorth@yahoo.com or call me at 218-525-5098.  Perhaps more trips will be added this year or put in mind for a future year.

Is there a discount for youth?
Some trips may have a youth discount. Inquire. 

Are these big bus tours?
In 2018 I am shooting for going on a 29 or 38 passenger bus. This does make the minimum number of participants higher though so again please register and signup early.. 

Are there discounts for groups?
Yes.  Does a group from a club you're in or a group from a workplace want to attend, let me know.  Groups of 6 or more receive a discount.  

Where do we meet for a pickup?
The departure location often is Perkins West, 4005 Michigan St.  It has also been the M&H Gas Station, 1230 W. Michigan St.  We have also done a pickup in Scanlon when the trip is heading south and there are at least 2 people on that pickup.

Who should go on a trip? 
Sign up on your own.  Take a summer/fall break.  Sign up with a sibling or child/grandchild.  
Sign up with co-workers or apartment mates.  The trips will be fun adventures for all.   Sit back - you won't need to drive or park.  
You might meet a new travel buddy, too and have some laughs.  
What is the cancellation policy?
There is a refund less $20 for any trip with at least four weeks notice. Sorry - no refund is given when the event is less than four weeks away.   

Should I bring money for tips?
The driver and tour host welcome tips.  It's optional.  A bag will passed for tips at the end of trips.  Thank you!